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Greg is Concert Audio Engineer and sometimes Tour Manager who has been gathering vast National and International experience since beginning Professionally around 1978/9. The hard yards were spent touring regional/coastal and outback areas of Australian Pubs and Clubs which has continued to this day although to a lesser in recent years whilst other careers have been nurtured.

 His touring experiences have expanded to International areas including Canada, Burma, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, and limited U.S. shows. He has some experience speaking Spanish and has enjoyed the experience of living in a South American country for a period.

Other useful education includes the completion of 22 units comprising a Diploma of Professional Counselling from 2000-20004 (not fully  graded atm) and more recent Certificates in numerous other areas including Critical Incident and Anxiety Counselling for example.

You are welcome to view some employment references by simply registering  (free and no spam from us!) and also some clips from many of the artists and bands whom have entrusted Greg not only with their  Concert Audio directives but quite often  Tour Management = Touring. Personnel, Budgeting/Financing etc etc

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1971 - 1975 - East Tamworth Primary Brass Band - Sidedrum


1979 - "Random' (band) - Lead Guitar

           Commenced working on Starmaker Quest - Tamworth (with Leon Darcey and Brian Cox)


1980 - 83 - 'Slippery When Wet', 'Little Rock', 'Country Cream Show', 'One for the Road'


1983 - 1986... The Emmanuel Brothers - Roadie, guitars, driver, audio, cook, cleaner, straightman etc




1986 - 2000 Col Joye - Concert Audio, other, glutton for punishment :)





1988 James Blundell - Lead Guitar/Harmonies





1988 - 1991 - Tommy Emmanuel (solo - limited band shows) - Concert Audio, Guitars, Tour Management, joke co-writer



1989 - 1992 The Danglin Bros - Concert Audio, Tour Manger



1991- Phil Emmanuel - Rhythm/Harmony Lead Guitar

1992- Phil Emmanuel - Concert Audio - Tour Management




1990-1995 Mark Williams and US Gang - Concert Audio





1990-1993 Living Daylights feat Denise De Marchi - Concerrt Audio









1991-Jan 1997 Gina Jeffreys - Concert Audio, Tour Management





1991-1997 Dead Ringer Band/Casey Chambers



1997 - The Nevilles (Australia) Concert Audio



1997 Jan - Oct 1998... Tommy Emmanuel - Concert/T.V. Audio









Oct, Nov, Dec 1997 - Savage Garden - Concert, Monitors, Radio, T.V. Audio, Tour Management




2001- 2005 Southbound - Concert Audio



2004-Oct/Nov/Dec - Human Nature with Paulini - Concert/T.V. Audio



2004 -2010 - The Flood - Concert Audio



2006 - 2011... Christine Anu - Concert Audio, Tour Management







1989... - Bondi Cigars Concert Audio