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Hello. Here is a little information on Art Therapy which many may find beneficial?. Look into it, it may be help in assisting with anxieties and stress or it may be an unexplored passion? We have to try new things and not stagnate, or let anyone else stagnate us either! 

Best wishes everyone. 


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What do arts therapists do? (from ACATA)

Arts therapists use creative, arts-based processes as part of their therapeutic work with clients, to facilitate self expression, communication, self awareness and personal development. Arts Therapists work within the mental health, allied health and human services professions.

The experience of expressing oneself through creative activity has been found to assist in the promotion of physical, emotional, cognitive and social integration and functioning. The consequent insights and personal understandings can be instrumental in facilitating change.

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One story

Published on Sep 21, 2014

Christiana struggled with depression in high school and found it hard to open up during talk therapy. So she began working with an art therapist at Children's Colorado and learned to deal with her emotions through art.

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